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Deccan IT is a value-driven Engineering Company based in Hyderabad, India. We are the Team of Qualified Engineers (Master Degree in Structural Engineering, Bachelor Degree in civil and Mechanical Engineering and Diploma Holders in Civil and Mechanical Engineers) in various areas like Design Engineers, Quality checkers, Detailing Drafts man’s. Our group wrap with all most all excellent knowledge in Pre-Engineering Buildings, Conventional Buildings, Stair cases and Miscellaneous structures etc. The company is pioneered by a team of young entrepreneurs, who have more than a decade of experience in the Engineering Technology Industry.

Deccan IT works closely with multiple local and global businesses leaders. We have our own manufacturing unit at Hyderabad and executed many projects like Wear Houses, Auditoriums, Showrooms, Storage Areas and Factories with features like mezzanines, cranes, high bay/low bay, special bracing, hip and valley, and facades.

We are familiar with INDIAN STANDARD CODES, MBMA, IBC, CBC, AISC STANDARDS for our American, and Indian clients. Our Team is well versed with Design software’s Staad-Pro, MBS and Autocad.

We are currently involved in various project management, design, detailing, estimation and software development activities focused specifically as per client requirements and standards.

We provide comprehensive design and engineering services across key sectors such as Buildings (Residential, Commercial & Industrial), Oil and Gas, Automotive, Industrial, Telecom, Infrastructure and Software Development.

Our Vision

Our vision embodies within it, the core values of a company that grew in ranks through sheer hard work,determination and dedication.Businesses seeking to grow in strength and increase its market presence turn to the internet as a cost-effective alternative to reaching out to potential market. This is the popular trend nowadays, and because of this, there are those that take no thought about putting up websites to announce their online presence. And there are many businesses that will put up websites but fail to realize their online business objectives.As if the establishment of the website or an online presence is an end in itself. At Deccan IT we don’t just seek to put you on the internet map, we aim to be a part of your online business success by helping you gain and increase traffic, grow your market, boost your revenue and ultimately, improve your bottom line. Your success is our success. And the reason why we are here is to help you succeed.

Structural Steel Buildings

Our software design and development aims to comment each client’s business ideas into a technology solution that precisely helps in enhancing business efficiency and bottom line. Our software team is highly proficient in the use of wide variety of software development tools.

Significantly, our area of software expertise incudes

  • Develop web applications to meet the specific needs of business of online presence

  • Develop software applications for multi-user environment

  • Design custom screens/webpages and define the functionality of each screen/webpage

  • Design and develop custom programs that integrate with existing software

  • Developing customized reports and user friendly help

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Deccan IT offers professional, certified and customer-focused IT support services. Our broad-spectrum IT support services include,Business IT support: Our IT support services help businesses to reduce costs and avail professional services to manage well your IT systems.

1.Maintaining skills

2.Reducing operating costs

3.Providing training

4.Gaining knowledge in emerging technologies

5.IT Infrastructure.

Deccan IT offers 24/7 intelligent monitoring services. We adhere and uphold the IT operations manual. Our offer of proactive IT support services aims to provide a highly engaged and committed work force, with strong work ethics and customer service focus.

Our helpdesk staff consists of experienced and certified IT support personnel that are capable of resolving computer related issues. Our helpdesk services provide for reducing operational overheads, increased productivity, fast response time, improved customer service and internal staff satisfaction and focus on achieving total business satisfaction.

Mechanical Engineering

Deccan IT offers dedicated and affordable software testing services to local and global businesses. The basic objective of our software testing services is to provide robust, scalable and effective software solutions.

Our quality assurance and testing process includes the following steps

  • Definition of test scope and structure

  • Devising test plan

  • Test reports

  • Designing test models

  • Customer feedback & bugging

The teams of software testers at Deccan IT focus on performance testing: product assurance, inter-operatability testing, endurance testing, reliability testing, scalability testing and stress testing.

Significantly, Deccan IT well-defined testing methodologies help in improving the quality of delivered systems. May it be independent testing activity, or comprehensive testing solutions, our suite of testing solutions match the requirements of each business.

Dataware Housing

Datawarehouse is a subject-oriented database where data are associated to a single organizational process (such as Product Sales), often called entity. A Datawarehouse is integrated with various source databases (part of ERPs or other systems) and datawarehousing has enormous strategic implications for business intelligence.

Our consultants will model a powerful knowledge management tool to organize enterprise organizational processes. We call datawarehouse or datamart enterprise organizational processes entities. A datawarehouse or datamarts give a subject oriented view of one particular entity. This view may give to the enterprise a competitive advantage. There is different type of datawarehousing architecture:

  • Complex datawarehouse systems, often called Open Warehouse Solution Framework, made for large corporations and meant for processing large amount of historical data

  • Datamarts, miniature datawarehouses or partitioned subsets of larger datawarehouse systems, often called department databases (a sales division may build its own datamarts by using sales related data)

  • Operational Data Stores (ODSs), small OLAP datamarts, with a very much reduced amount of historical data, which may be useful for single individuals within the organization


.net is Microsoft's vision of 'software as a service', a development environment in which you can build, create, and deploy your applications and the next generation of components, termed Web Services. It is specifically target to build internet enabled applications, reduce the development effort , & increase the performance & scalability of business applications . Dot Net depends on HTTP, XML, SOAP, UDDI Internet standards.

There are four main principles of .NET from the perspective of the user:

  • It erases the boundaries between applications and the Internet. Instead of interacting with an application or a single Web site, .NET will connect the user to an array of computers and services that will exchange and combine objects and data.

  • Software will be rented as a hosted service over the Internet instead of purchased on a store shelf. Essentially, the Internet will be housing all your applications and data.

  • Users will have access to their information on the Internet from any device, anytime, anywhere.

  • There will be new ways to interact with application data, such as speech and handwriting recognition.


Deccan IT leverages on PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) to achieve robust web application development, most specially ecommerce solutions. We offer high-quality development, maintenance and support for PHP applications. Our PHP Programmer team delivers Web solutions for diverse verticals – retail, healthcare, manufacturing, education, telecommunications, financial services, banking and insurance.

Our comprehensive portfolio of PHP development solutions includes:

  • Websites, web portals, and content management systems
  • Online booking / reservation systems
  • Workflow systems, and electronic document management systems

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